November 30, 2017

Self-care w/ Jennifer Harkness

Today’s collaborator, to discuss the importance of self-care, is Jennifer Harkness. As a licensed mental health counsellor and registered art therapist specialising in anxiety and trauma, she has a great deal of experience with self-care both professionally and personally. Whether it's the burn-out of compassion fatigue or the overwhelm of vicarious trauma, she offers great insight and guidance for self-care. Her simplest instruction, that 'a little is a lot', is about taking time to notice and meet the needs of our bodies—Stay hydrated, get a good night's sleep, and eat well. And she goes on to explain how this applies even when it comes to being of service. Just because we can't solve all the world's problems, doesn't mean that the littlest thing we do isn't worth doing—learning to change our perception, to understand the value of even the smallest act of kindness, is also self-care. Jennifer Harkness runs workshops on self-care and has presented at various State and National conferences, agencies and schools.

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