Dekila Chungyalpa talks resilience, adaptation, and how to build bridges as ways to courageously face an uncertain future due to climate change.

S. Rae Peoples talks about the pitfalls of diversity and what it means to truly engage in the work needed to create a culture of racial equity.

S. Evan Stubblefield, a writer, english Instructor, and student of meditation, talks about the transformative power of reading and writing.

Ewa Lamond and I talk about living with invisible disabilities, and the impact that has had on our sense of belonging and identity.

Laura Jomon Martin, a member of the Zen Community of Oregon, shares what she learned about creating a container for her and other white practitioners to start the very essential work of learning to see and challenge whiteness in their sangha.

Soyinka Rahim, a Grassroots Spiritual Practitioner and founder of BIBOLOVE—which stands for breathe in, breathe out love—shares the many rituals and practices she has to come back to and live from a place of love.

Cecilia Cissell Lucas, co-founder of Creating Freedom Movements: More Justice More Joy, joins me to talk about creating communities that acknowledge and represent the complex multiplicity of being human.

ERMAHGERD! This is super exciting folks! Today, this episode right here, is the 100th one! 100 episodes! Thas’ a lot. And I wouldn’t have started even one if it wasn’t for my wife, Gretchen Wagner, who also happens to be my guest this week.

Stacy Parson, a principal at Knowetry Consulting and partner with The Dignitas Agency, shares the practices she brings to her work of supporting companies in building a more representative workforce.

Sarah Starr, of Pyramid Communications, collaborates with me to talk about communication, and the importance of adapting and adjusting the language we use as we learn more about the experiences and perspectives of others.

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