Cecilia Cissell Lucas, co-founder of Creating Freedom Movements: More Justice More Joy, joins me to talk about creating communities that acknowledge and represent the complex multiplicity of being human.

ERMAHGERD! This is super exciting folks! Today, this episode right here, is the 100th one! 100 episodes! Thas’ a lot. And I wouldn’t have started even one if it wasn’t for my wife, Gretchen Wagner, who also happens to be my guest this week.

Stacy Parson, a principal at Knowetry Consulting and partner with The Dignitas Agency, shares the practices she brings to her work of supporting companies in building a more representative workforce.

Sarah Starr, of Pyramid Communications, collaborates with me to talk about communication, and the importance of adapting and adjusting the language we use as we learn more about the experiences and perspectives of others.

Stevie Croisant, founder of WeAreHER, an online community for survivors of abuse, shares her insights as the coordinator of this community, and as a survivor herself.

Jean Berolzheimer, an Interfaith Buddhist chaplain, joins me in conversation about the importance of ritual and bearing witness when it comes to how we grieve.

April 11, 2019

Flow with Tiana Duncan

Tiana Duncan joins me in conversation to share how a holistic approach—connecting mind, body and spirit—supports her work on a personal, professional and community level.

My guest, Jack Duroc-Danner, a paediatric massage therapist and autism advocate, covers a lot of ground in this conversation. Discussing, among other things, consent, the medical model versus the social model, and representation of a group by that group.

In this episode I welcome back Tada Hozumi, aka, the Selfish Activist, who was previously on the show discussing the personal responsibility we have to our collective wellbeing. this new conversation, Tada shares two current concepts of their work: Understanding our cultural nervous system, and the queering of identities.

October 25, 2018

Debate w/ Emma Jones

This episode is a collaboration with third year political science student, Emma Jones. In our conversation she shares a bit about the formal practice of debate, and what it has to teach about nuance and seeing the fullness of an issue, from a multitude of perspectives. We unpack a few words too, like ‘compromise’ and ‘representation’. In speaking to the importance of representation, Emma shares how embracing different perspectives does not negate one over another, but helps us to work together to create more effective, supportive systems. Emma also talks about mentorship within the debate community, and learning to see how we all have something to offer, perhaps most especially when we are still open to learning.

You can connect with Emma through Instagram: @missemma_j

To learn more about my work in the world visit www.kaitlynschatch.com

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