January 25, 2018

Remember to laugh w/ Jessica Pettitt

This episode is a collaboration with Jessica Pettitt, a diversity trainer with a seriously light-hearted approach. She describes humour as a heartbeat, contributing to a more flexible and spacious way of being. Jess is also full of pithy stuff that she admits sounds a bit like a bumper-sticker, but is totally true, like “I am the best tool anybody has for my work” and “If I’m doing anything because I think it’s going to reduce the amount of fear in the world, at the heart, that’s good” and my personal favourite “When did our ego get involved in the conversation about what is the right thing to do?”

You can connect with Jessica through her website www.goodenoughnow.com

Visit www.kaitlynschatch.com to see more of my work in the world.

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