December 7, 2017

How to be an ally w/ Lyn Langille

Today’s episode is a collaboration with a previous guest on Everything is Workable, Lyn Langille, on how to be an ally. The first piece of guidance she gives is the importance of understanding that being an ally isn't something we choose for ourselves. It is something we earn, and to earn it we must do the work of educating ourselves—learning to see the world from another person's shoes, even when we have not walked in them, and learning to see the limitations of our experience. She expands this to include working with people who share the same privileges but are not doing the same work, or think they are, but perhaps haven't gotten as far. No matter who the person is, she says, we can ask 'What is their story?' as a reminder, that until we listen, we can never know.

Lyn Langille is the co-founder of Calgary Trans-Hub and does advocacy and educational work. You can find out more by visiting

Visit to see more of my work in the world.

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