September 6, 2018

Self-Discovery w/ Shay Huff

My collaborator this episode is Shay Huff, an insightful and skilled coach, facilitator and educator. I have so much gratitude to Shay for taking the time to talk with me for this episode, and for being so vulnerable and open about sharing her story of addiction and recovery. She speaks to a breadth of complex, often hard to navigate experiences of being human. Shay is a model for what it looks like to do our own work, and how our personal journey can be used to benefit others, as well as how essential community is in the work of healing.

Content Notification - Shay shares her story of addiction and a suicide attempt. Her story could be a great support for any listeners facing similar situations, but please, if you need support, do an online search for crisis lines in your area or country.

To learn more about Shay’s work in the world, visit To learn more about my work in the world visit

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