August 16, 2018

Intersectionality & process w/ E(rica) West

This episode is with E(rica) West, one of the many incredible people I met during Feminist Camp. E shares their experience growing up in a church community, and the ongoing process of naming what faith is like for themselves, as well as how the intersections of class, race, gender expression, and sexual orientation inform everything they do and how they show up in the world. One thing that E came back to again and again while we talked, was the importance of process in our lives, whether it’s the process of understanding our identities and how that influences how we see the world, or the process of defining our own practice of faith. Seeing the world as always being in process is something E says helps them, and can help any of us, to be more effective in the work we do.

You can connect with E through their website and on Twitter @UnctieE To learn more about my work in the world visit

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