August 2, 2018

Identity Shifts w/ Susie Lee

Today’s episode, with artist, entrepreneur and educator Susie Lee, is about moving through shifting and changing identities. Cultural, personal and professional shifts in identity happen for all of us. Susie shares the insights she’s gained as a child of immigrants, through career changes, and now, as a parent, sharing her life journey and the many ways she has learned to problem solve for different ways of being. Susie highlights the importance of flexibility, curiosity and choice—especially in the narratives surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. I particularly love the way she views life as an experiment, by looking at each stage of life as it is, knowing that the next stage is never certain.

You can learn more about her work at and visit to learn more about my work in the world.

Content notification: This is an authentic conversation where we discuss the importance of choice and access in any person’s experience, and touch on things like miscarriage and social ideas of ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ pregnancy. I also want to acknowledge that not all folks who have babies identify as women.

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