August 30, 2018

Emergent Strategy w/ adrienne maree brown

My collaborator for this episode of Everything is Workable is adrienne maree brown, a fellow polymath who describes herself as a writer, facilitator, coach, mentor, mediator, pleasure activist, sci-fi scholar, doula, healer, tarot reader, witch, cheerleader, singer, philosopher, and queer Black multiracial lover of life. I learned about adrienne and her book Emergent Strategy thanks to Tada Hozumi, a previous guest on the show, and I am SO grateful for that recommendation. This is a book of universal wisdom, as adrienne points out when she says “I didn’t create emergent strategy. I noticed it.” But what makes it so incredible is the accessible and practical presentation of what emergent strategy is and how to use it. From adaptation to collaboration, creativity to self-care, and abundance to liberation, adrienne and I talk about the tools, framework and spells we can use as interconnected beings to imagine into being a future in which the fullness of humanity is represented and in right relationship with our shared planet.

As well as being an author, adrienne is co-host of the podcast How to Survive the End of the World. You can check that out at and find out more about adrienne through her website You can get a copy of Emergent Strategy at

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